The HR Consulting revolution is finally here!
Written by Dana Grove on Apr. 29th 2020
With the exponential rise of HR Consulting services used worldwide, one cannot ignore what is right in front of you. Companies such as Don’t Sweat Life INC (United States of America), Active Strategy (Poland) and Performia (Australia) are doing exceptional work in their respective countries. This is due to the fact that these above mentioned HR Consulting companies are in dire need in their countries, and the top companies realize it.

According to Augment HR, businesses hire HR Consulting companies for three core reasons namely recruitment, honest performance assessment and stress reduction on management. The top companies in the world acknowledge this need in their business and make use of HR Consulting companies. There can be no coincidence when looking at the top companies in the world and their relation to HR Consulting companies. This leads one to think when all other companies will catch up.

When one studies the trends in the market of the so-called “Great companies” in the world and their relation to making use of HR Consulting companies, it is pretty clear that all companies will be playing catch–up after realizing what they have been missing out on. Do you really want to wait for the HR Consulting revolution to start before finding your place in the market or do you want your company to be at the forefront of the revolution? In a footrace we all know that the everybody who tries to catch up with the person in 1st place needs to work twice as hard to catch up to him. In business we have the agency to start before our competition, ensuring that we end up head and shoulders above them.

The HR Technologist wrote that the field of HR has changed drastically from 2010 to date as HR technology went mainstream and the need for HR services got highly recognized in the market. HR is no longer considered as an administrative function only, HR professionals play a pivotal role in the company’s market reputation as well as business growth.

The Latest Herald also mentioned in a recent article that consulting services are expected to raise over 4.1% in the period from 2020 – 2026. With the whole consulting industry on rise, and the HR Consulting revolution already in its starting phase it is clear that the HR Consulting industry are ahead of all other industries in the coming period.

When all things restore to normality after the Coronavirus pandemic companies will be playing catch–up with the market in attempting to find the way that business is done as it is a surety that nothing will be the same after the pandemic. This while companies that are making use of HR Consulting companies are at the forefront of their industries and setting trends that the companies playing catch-up will follow in the end.

You always have a choice. But when things are as clear as they seem it would be regretful finding companies that had all of the correct resources to make a quality decision still choosing the wrong one.

Dana Grove

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