6 Ways to manage your sales pipeline.
Written by Dana Grove on Mar. 16th 2020
It is every Labour Relations / HR Consulting companies dream to have a pipeline full of leads waiting to make use of their services. With Labourclients’ help that will become the reality. But how do you manage your pipeline while still running your business? Here are 6 best practices to manage your sales pipeline.
1. Focus on the best leads:
After managing leads for a while you will be able to distinguish the best leads from the weaker ones. In sales you should be doing sales calls with leads on a daily basis, and you should spend the same amount of effort on all of them as all prospective clients are valued in business. But when you just do not have enough time to call each and every one of them, call the best leads first to ensure that sales are made on a daily basis.

2. Keep your sales cycle short:
After receiving the lead, schedule a call with the lead. If the lead is interested in making use of your services close the deal on the phone by taking banking details. Send all relevant documentation directly after the call and deliver great results!

3. Have a standardized sales process:
When having a full pipeline and not being able to settle down it is a good idea to have a standardized sales process. This process should be a standardized, step by step instruction of the exact process to be followed since receiving a lead to closing the deal. This saves a lot of time and is effective as hell.

4. Give your prospects more content:
When you are on a sales call with a lead you will be able to identify what needs and desires the lead has in its business or life. As you are giving your full attention to the lead at that moment in time be sure to give the lead all information regarding how you will be able to solve his / her problem. This is a great way to avoid short, random calls in the future where you have to explain something as simple as your website address.

5. Update your pipeline regularly:
Your pipeline is constantly changing, new leads are added, leads get moved to the next stage or deals are closed. It is of utmost importance that you keep your pipeline up to date by updating your pipeline after each and every sales call.

6. Follow up:
In the modern era buyers have an option between more than two or more products for everything that they aim to purchase. How do I stand out then you ask? You follow up! If you got a “Maybe” on the first sales call, call again and pitch. People like being guided in the right direction if they are unable to make a decision by themselves. Following up isn’t easy, that why most people don’t do it.

By following up you are separating yourself from the competition one call after another. 
We all aspire to have a full pipeline of leads, when we reach that point in our business we now know how to handle it.

Dana Grove

Dana Grove helps Labour Relations / HR Consulting companies get more clients by generating leads. He is an expert at helping Labour Relations / HR Consulting companies get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.
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